Clear your caches everyone! Here’s today (6/11)’s changelog.

6/11/2018 Changelog

We’ve fixed an issue where on the mobile ISOBook for Servers site, the link to ISOBook on the homepage led to the Desktop ISOBook.

We’ve changed the bottom copyright on ISOBook for Servers to say “2018 ISOBook for Servers” rather than “2018 ISOBook”.

We’ve removed the message on the Operating Systems page saying that it’s only recommended on virtual machines and testing …

We’ve added a divider line above the Unsupported section on Operating Systems to match the Supported.

We’ve rearranged where some ads go.

And of course, as usual, we’ve included backend fixes, speed improvements, and fixes for other minor errors that you possibly may not see.


Check out ISOBook and see what’s new for yourself!

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