Clear your caches everyone! Here’s today (6/16)’s changelog

6/16/2020 Changelog

We’ve updated the Windows Market Share.

We’ve updated the text that says “CLB Solutions” to say “carmellolb” instead.

We’ve fixed an issue where the text under Other under 32 or 64 bit in the ISO Finder may have been cut off on the right.

And of course, as usual, we’ve included backend fixes, speed improvements, and fixes for other minor errors that you possibly may not see.


Check out ISOBook and see what’s new for yourself!

ISOBook’s 3rd Anniversary

It has officially been three years since the very first iteration of ISOBook was released on June 10, 2017! ISOBook has come so far in these few years – from a simple Google Sites list of a couple ISOs to one of the biggest online libraries of Windows ISO files. Who knows what more is to come!

Below is a visual history of ISOBook from June 10, 2017 to today: