Clear your caches everyone! Here’s today (4/24)‘s changelog

4/24 Changelog

We’ve updated shadows and transparency once more across the site.

We’ve added some animations to modals and homepage quick links.

We’ve adjusted the animations on various buttons across the site.

We’ve changed the text on the Operating Systems page to say “Submit” instead of “Report” on the submit feedback line under More Resources.

We’ve made even more buttons more consistent.

We’ve updated the Windows Market Share.

We’ve updated the error pages’ background colors to be white, matching the rest of the site.

We’ve fixed a few links.

And of course, as usual, we’ve included backend fixes, speed improvements, and fixes for other minor errors that you possibly may not see.


Windows 10, version 21H1 (official name unknown) is coming soon – bringing new features and improvements. When it is available, it’ll be on ISOBook! Learn more on the Windows Blog >


Check out ISOBook and see what’s new for yourself!

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