Clear your caches everyone! Here’s today (7/25)’s changelog

7/25/2020 Changelog

We’ve updated the Windows Market Share.

We’ve added a beautiful light reddish/pink paint stroke image to the back of the Welcome header, and added some extra text to it as well. Also, a light grey text shadow has been added to the text so it can be seen over the paint stroke. These changes are only available on Desktop.

We’ve fixed an issue where the bottom of the Old Windows Betas menu under the ISO Finder was cut off.

We’ve fixed an issue where the link for Windows Vista Home Basic SP2 32-bit was not working.

We’ve fixed an issue where the More Resources header and section on the Operating Systems page was vertically misaligned.

We’ve fixed an issue where the OS modals on the Classic View page may have been missing the acrylic effect on certain web browsers.

Introduced last week – we upgraded our download server, and downloads are faster than ever! Read more about that here.

And of course, as usual, we’ve included backend fixes, speed improvements, and fixes for other minor errors that you possibly may not see.


Check out ISOBook and see what’s new for yourself!

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