Introducing the New ISOBook

We have been working hard since all the way back in late last year on something huge…

A much needed redesign for the entire site! The redesign follows the newest trend in user interface design – neumorphism. It is similar to skeuomorphism, but has a modern, plasticky, styrofoam-like, and almost tangible material feel to it. It’s very hard to implement this type of UI into a working product, so it took a while. It’s hard to explain this look, you have to see it for yourself. We think you’ll love it.

This redesign isn’t just a pretty face though – it includes a completely new layout and interface, which includes the long awaited feature ISO Finder! We tested ISO Finder back a long time ago and it didn’t end up going so well – but this time it did! If you still prefer the list view, it will still be available – listed as “Classic View”

Included in this redesign is an FAQ section to the homepage which answers lots of various questions, plus provides extra information.

If you still prefer the simple directory view, it will also still be offered. ISOBook For Servers will also receive this new design, but at a later time.

As we start to finish up implementing the new design into ISOBook, we need to take the site down for a little while. This will be about a few days. In the mean time, a Maintenance Page (with a touch of the new look!!) will show up when you load the site. On the left side of it, under Server Status, we will post an ETA for the site launch under Website Status.

In the meantime, if you would like to download ISOs, simply navigate to the following address in your browser: ““ and you can browse all our downloads in directory view. Unfortunately, download links from other sites are currently not listed – have to wait until the site comes back up.

Starting May 6th, we will be implementing a feature that makes it so ISOBook never stops loading normally, so when the site is down, it will display the maintenance page that we put up today, even when our servers aren’t functioning. And we will continue to post updates on there.

A mobile version of the website is not going to be available at launch of the new design, but it will be released shortly after. UPDATE 4/26: mobile design has been released!

Get ready for the new design, it will arrive any day now!

P.S. – some images are attached to this post of the new design. Enjoy!

Stay safe and healthy


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