Clear your caches everyone! Here’s today (7/12)’s changelog

7/12/2018 Changelog

We’ve done a lot today, read to find out what!


On the Operating Systems page, we’ve made a few changes:

  • We’ve made a heading that says Operating Systems.
  • We’ve changed Directions to General Directions and made it smaller and uppercase.
  • We’ve made all the separator lines match each other.


On the OSs’ pages, we’ve made a few changes:

  • The headings, like About (Courtesy: Wikipedia), Sources, etc. are now smaller and have bold fonts.
  • We’ve made the Downloads heading match the others.
  • We’ve updated lots of links AND sources.
  • We’ve made the Old Windows Betas page more organized and consistent and match the other pages.
  • We’ve fixed up some things on the Other Software page, like the headings, especially on the Other Sites We Like section.


We’ve made a few other changes too.

  • The Manuals for mobile and for desktop have been redesigned.
  • We’ve tweaked the colors of buttons when hovered slightly to match ISOBook for Servers with the light colors.


All of these changes, when applicable, have been applied to all of the ISOBook and ISOBook for Servers sites.

And of course, as usual, we’ve included backend fixes, speed improvements, and fixes for other minor errors that you possibly may not see.


Check out ISOBook and see what’s new for yourself!

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